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Jesse Ventura Lights up Twitter with #SoSueMeJesse

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Jesse Ventura has been trending on twitter for all the wrong reasons, the American politician, actor, author, naval veteran, and former professional wrestle has lit up twitter with the hashtag #SoSueMeJesse. has recently called out Jesse Ventura for suing National Hero Chris Kyle’s widow for millions. Despite winning the lawsuit Jesse Ventura has suffered irreversible damage to his reputation and public image. American Military News editorial staff expressed their disapproval by writing:

“You REALLY can’t be a bigger pile of garbage than Jesse Ventura… it’s literally impossible. Please don’t sue us for calling you the biggest pile of garbage, Jesse. On second thought, give it a whirl. We’d love to hear you explain that you’re just a little pile of garbage. Chris Kyle was an American hero and to sue his WIDOW for millions over what? A story that he clocked you in the face because you were being a jerk to fallen troops?”

Jesse walked away victorious from a defamation lawsuit against late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s Widow, the jury awarded Jesse $1.8 million dollars. The recent events have ignited a twitter war against Jesse Ventura under the hashtag #SoSueMeJesse where Mr. Ventura is getting a pounding by people who support the military, veterans and supporters of late hero Chris Kyle and his wife. article reports that the “Twitter users were merciless, with “#SoSueMeJesse””. Many twitter users have taken a humorous approach to expressing what they think about Jesse and the situation. Twitter user Sgt. Rock’s Scowl recently tweeted: ‏

“’Jesse Ventura has more loose screws than a Hardware Store in an EarthQuake’ Greg Gutfeld #TheFive #SoSueMeJesse”

Others have chosen to use choice words to express their disagreement and displeasure on the subject. Some twitter users have pleaded others to contribute money to the various fundraisers set up to help Chris Kyle’s widow. Besides twitter Ventura’s action have incited a backlash from various media personalities and notable politicians. People have also created and uploaded videos online to express their views on the matter.

However, there is a minority of people that seems to support Jesse Ventura in his lawsuit and supports his win yet the general reaction has been of disapproval from people from all walks of life in America.

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