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Hypnosis Alcohol Abuse Download MP3 Can Help Addiction Treatment.

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Hypnosis download MP3 recordings are now being used to treat addiction of alcohol abuse. By listening to these audios, alcoholics can apparently rewire the part of their brain that controls alcohol cravings.

Dublin, Ireland – July 24, 2014


Hypnosis Alcohol Abuse Download MP3 Can Help Addiction Treatment.

Drinkers are now using alcohol addiction hypnosis MP3 downloads as treatment to help them forget about alcohol cravings. Apparently these downloads help them change how they feel about alcohol on a subconscious level. It is claimed that listening to the recordings rewires their brains, so they don’t feel like drinking alcohol anymore.

A well known problem worldwide today, alcohol abuse can include both the weekend binge-drinker and the evening tippler, drinking a glass or two of wine in the evening to unwind. To the further extreme are the heavier drinkers, who consume a large amount of alcohol 3-7 days a week. Dependance on alcohol doesn’t depend on the quantity, it is defined by the fact that the person finds it hard to do without.

Specialist hypnotist on alcohol addiction Nigel Brennan says: “No-body is born an alcoholic. True, some families can have a predisposition towards it, but unless someone is in serious emotional or physical pain, it takes a few years for the addiction to become really strong. Understanding what is happening in the mind of the person at the time the addiction is formed, is the key to curing the addiction. Once the person understands that, they can use hypnosis to help their alcohol addiction, by changing the way they feel about alcohol.” Brennan says he has personally helped hundreds of people stop drinking using this method, and many more through his alcohol addiction hypnosis download MP3 treatment.

He claims that effective approaches to help alcohol addiction work on the persons subconscious mind, where a persons habits and long term memories are stored. By helping the person understand what factors were involved in the making of their addiction to alcohol, they can learn how to reprogram their relationship with alcohol.

But, this cannot cure the alcoholic that doesn’t want to be cured. Apparently hypnosis can’t make someone do something they don’t want to, it can only help them if they want to change. Which means that it remains a solution for the motivated, rather than a form of brainwashing. However, it’s well known that continuous support and encouragement can help someone to a place where they are ready to look for help.

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