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Limestone County Residents Purchasing More Storm Shelters

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - A new trend is on the rise in Limestone County. More people are getting storm shelters after devastating tornadoes in recent years.

"We turn every single square inch of our shelters here in-house," said Supercell Shelters Inc. General Manager Kevin Holder.

For the last two years, Supercell Shelters has built all types of safe rooms and in-ground shelters out of their plant in Decatur. The retail store is located off Highway 72 in Madison.

"We like to make sure that all the things we build are as strong as they possibly can be with this area having the size tornadoes that we have," said Holder.

They sell and install around 25 shelters each week but a lot of their customers are in Limestone County where an EF-3 tornado killed two people just two months ago.

"We've sold hundreds of shelters in the last few months, typically from that area," said Holder.

Holder said they've seen a 200 to 300 percent increase in the purchase of storm shelters since the deadly tornado outbreak on April 27, 2011.

"People started realizing that these tornadoes are very, very serious and it can happen to you" Holder.

The Limestone County Emergency Management Agency said they have registered over 400 storm shelters since the 2011 outbreak and 80 percent of those are new construction.

"At least everyday we have a crew in the area over there" said Jordan Smith.

Smith installs the shelters for the company and said most customers are just looking for peace of mind.

"A lot of theses homeowners, the husband is out of town. He's leaving his wife and kids everyday and it's great peace of mind for him when he's gone out of town to have somewhere that his wife and kid can get to," said Smith.

Holder said he loves knowing that their product can make a difference.

"You know, every single product you make maybe the one product that saves somebody life," said Holder.

Limestone County EMA is registering storm shelter locations so first responders can find people if their shelter is blocked by debris.

Residents can register by calling EMA at 256-232-2631 and providing their name, address, and the location of their shelter. The information will be added to the 911 system.

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