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Huntsville Road Work to Begin Soon

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WZDX) - Hopefully with the last hard freeze out of the way, road crews are gearing up for repairs.

The City of Huntsville has been watching the streets for awhile, deciding which ones need the most attention. There's about 37,000 miles of roadway in the city and with a budget of only $3.2 million, officials say there is no way to get every street resurfaced.

"We'll be taking a contract for about $2.1 million. That'll be to resurface about 63 of our streets. It's about $60,000 a lane mile to resurface so if we had to resurface every street, you are talking over $2 billion," said Director of Public Works Terry Hatfield.

The proposal has to be approved by the city council next Thursday before work can begin.


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