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Affordable Care Act Deadline Looms

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WZDX) - Monday is the last day to sign up for healthcare insurance through and the website continues to be plagued with glitches.

Monday morning the website was temporarily down but was up-and-running by 9 a.m. However, with the large number of people heading to the site, it was impossible to get registered in a timely manner.

"So many people are signing on. It's going to take a minute," said Brenda Neal as she waited for her confirmation email Monday morning. She was one of the many at Calhoun Community College getting help with the process.

The registration process includes a confirmation email sent to the email address used to sign up, but many people waited for hours Monday and still have not received theirs. They are stuck in a virtual waiting room.

But even if you do not have hours to sit with a computer waiting on that elusive email, that does not mean a fine is in your future. There is still hope.

"If you have begun the process of signing up with then you will have until the middle of April to complete that process," explained Fred Coffey, a healthcare attorney.

As long as you are registered by midnight, you will not face a penalty. You then have until April 15th to complete the application and pay in order to avoid the fine.

"That penalty for the first year, for an individual, is $95 or 1% of a certain amount of your income," he said, "but essentially $95."


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