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Customers See Utility Bills Soar

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WZDX) - If you have been seeing sky high power bills these past few months, you are not alone. People are seeing their utility bills increase by hundreds of dollars.

Demarcus Rice says he and his grandmother's power bill doubled last month.

"It was $600," said Rice. "That's high. That's real high. That's a car note."

Demarcus and his grandmother are not alone. Owen Moe lives in Hampton Cove and says his power bill was also a surprise.

"When my wife opened up the mail and saw the bill she said, ‘What is going on here?'"

Moe's bill increased by 30% but many people are seeing numbers double from their normal rate. The unusually cold winter is partially to blame with central heating and air systems working much harder to keep houses warm. But the cold weather is not the only culprit. Huntsville Utilities recently raised the rate.

In early March, Huntsville Utilities sent out a notice that they would be increasing rates by 6% due to increased transportation costs with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

"The Tennessee Valley Authority announced that they were increasing their monthly Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) for the month of March which will mean customers will pay more for power," the company said through a press release.

The utility company does not offer pro-rated bills for people struggling to cover the high costs but they do allow people to set up payment plans, giving you just a little more time to come up with that extra cash. In the meantime, Moe says he and his wife are trying to keep an eye on their consumption.

"In particular, watching the thermostat a little bit more, having a little bit more discomfort maybe hoping to cut back on the bill some," he said.


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