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Judge Rules DEMSI Employees will get Paychecks

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DECATUR, AL (WZDX) - A judge ruled Friday that employees of Decatur Emergency Medical Services Inc. will be paid the money that's owed to them.

According to the Decatur Daily, Bankruptcy Judge Jack Caddell granted a motion from DEMSI owner Roger Stanmore to pay the employees, despite DEMSI and Stanmore filing for bankruptcy. The decision will reduce the amount of money some of Stanmore's other creditors can collect.

DEMSI closed its doors earlier this month, about three weeks after bouncing payroll checks for employees. Gadsden EMS, which Stanmore also owns, also filed for bankruptcy. DEMSI is expected to turn in its operating license in Decatur.

First Response is handling emergency calls in the city and has hired some former DEMSI employees.


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