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Wounded Soldier Gets New Home in Guntersville

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GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WZDX) - He was wounded serving our country two years ago, and since then, the community has rallied behind Corey Garmon and his family.

Volunteers are now building the wounded warrior a brand new house in Guntersville. Construction began several weeks ago.

In July 2012, Garmon lost both of his legs below the knee while serving in Afghanistan. He has been recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center ever since. His new home will be completely wheelchair accessible.

20 volunteers started building the foundation earlier this month. Corey Garmon said he appreciates the outpouring of support.

"It's just incredible. Guys that have I've never met before that don't know me personally but have heard my story and dropped what they were doing to help me. There's no words in my dictionary to explain that. Just incredible," Garmon said.

Keith Hulsey is the contractor in charge of building the Garmon home. He said being a part of this community effort is a great feeling.

"I'm just trying to do my part to help him out. He sacrificed so much for our country. It has been a group effort and the whole community has come together. It has made me feel good," Hulsey said.

Housing Our Nations Outstanding Returning Soldiers began the effort to help the Corey Garmon. In a few weeks, volunteers from five states will be helping with construction on the home including 10 firefighters from Louisiana.

Workers want the house built by late June. Their goal is to turn over the home to Corey and his wife mortgage-free.

Organizers need more building materials and money to finish building the house. If you want to help, call Mike Fitzpatrick at (502) 803-5499.


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