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Former Children's Minister Jeff Eddie Back in Jail After Hearing

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COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WZDX) - Former children's minister Jeff Eddie remained in jail Tuesday after his attorney withdrew a motion for reduced bail and waived the preliminary hearing.

Eddie, who's charged with multiple counts of sodomy, sexual abuse, and possession of child pornography, appeared in Colbert County Circuit Court Tuesday morning. He walked silently with his head down as he was escorted back to the Colbert County Jail.

"He is sad and upset about all this," said Eddie's attorney Billy Underwood. "I'm sad for everybody. It's bad for the community. It's bad for that church. It's bad for new industry that wants to come to this area they're going to say 'My God, look what happened.' This is a black eye on the community."

Underwood withdrew the previous request to have Eddie's $1,030,000 bail reduced. Underwood said he feared more charges would be filled if the request was granted by the judge. Eddie also agreed to waive his right to a preliminary hearing. Now the case will go before the next grand jury.

"I didn't want to inflame the public with what would come forward in a preliminary hearing. I thought it would be best not to do that," said Underwood.

Colbert County District Attorney Bryce Graham said they do expect more victims in the case with additional charges to follow.

"This is the kind of case that incenses the whole community. It bothers everybody but mainly, particularly because there is children involved. It's a bad case. No other way to say it," said Graham.

Eddie was arrested on Feb. 2 after police said he confessed to engaging in sex acts with children at Highland Park Baptist Church in Muscle Shoals, where he was the children's minister.

His bail remains at $1,030,000.


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