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Top 9@Nine for February 4th, 2014

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1. Huntsville Police are investigating the sixth homicide in the city this year. The fatal shooting happened just before 11:00 Monday night on O'Fallon road.

2. A rock quarry company has filed a federal lawsuit against the town of Gurley. M&N materials says the town unjustly prevented it from building within town limits. It's been trying to build a quarry in Gurley since 2005.

3. Fire crews battled a house fire on Whitney Avenue in Huntsville Tuesday afternoon. Nobody was home at the time and no injuries were reported.

4. For the first time in three years, Arab City Schools will have a fall break next year. School will begin August 11th, which is a week earlier.

5. Governor Robert Bentley recently awarded more than $96,000 in grant money to combat drug-related crime in DeKalb County. The grant to the county commission will help continue the efforts of the drug and major crimes task force.

6. Fatal crashes involving marijuana use have tripled over the past decade according to Columbia University researchers. They studied crash statistics from six states that routinely perform toxicology tests on drivers involved in deadly wrecks.

7. Four people are dead after a private jet crashes in Nashville. The crash happened in an area behind the Bellevue YMCA. The NTSB is now investigating.

8. A report from the Congressional Budget Office says the new health care law is going to cause several million people to reduce their hours on the job, or to leave the workforce entirely. The CBO says it will be the result of incentives that were built into the law.

9. Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday. It launched February 4th, 2004, in CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard dorm room.


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