Morgan County Schools Taking Precautions During Flu Season


DECATUR, AL (WZDX) - While Decatur Morgan Hospital is seeing the largest outbreak of H1N1 in years, schools in the area are taking precautions to keep students healthy.

"There's times in the past where we've seen record numbers of children absent," said Morgan County Schools Supervisor of Health Services Brenda Caudle. "We're not seeing that at this time. We hope we don't."

Caudle said Morgan County Schools have not seen a spike in student absences due to the flu this year.

"More strep and really stomach viruses are kind of the biggies right now rather then the flu," said Caudle.

During the flu season, school employees disinfect public areas such as desks and water fountains. Hand washing is also encouraged with hand sanitizer dispensers in the lunchrooms.

"Especially with the young children, the nurses do the hand washing classes and the teachers do this and we're teaching them to be sure to always wash their hands multiple times during the day," said Caudle.

But Caudle thinks flu numbers are down this year because of a preventive measure they were able to offer to all students last year.

"It's the first year that we've been able to offer a flu vaccine to all age children in the school system," said Caudle.

In September, the school system held a flu clinic allowing parents the option of having their child vaccinated at school.

"And that makes it so helpful. Helpful to the parents because they don't have to take off work to do it. It's convenient. The children can get it at school. I thought it was a win win for everybody," said Caudle.

Morgan County plans to offer the flu clinic to students again this year.

Decatur City, Limestone County, and Lawrence County Schools have not seen a spike in flu-related absences but they are also taking preventive measures by disinfecting public areas in the schools.

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