Petition in Lawrence County Asks for Wet, Dry Vote


LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WZDX) - A vote to legalize alcohol could soon be on the ballot in Lawrence County. Supporters are now passing out petitions at local businesses to put the issue to a vote.

Restaurant owner Wayne Lash is one of the supporters who wants voters to decide if alcohol sales should be legal in the county. This week, Lash is busy delivering hundreds of petitions to local businesses for registered voters to sign.

"I've been trying to get this going for a long time. We need to try to get Lawrence County wet," said Lash. "It's already wet in places. We need the whole county wet where we can keep the tax revenue in Lawrence County."

Lash owns Fisherman's Resort near Town Creek and thinks selling alcohol would help his business grow.

"Every night that we're open, we have people that want a glass of wine or something of that nature with their food and it's become a situation where we could do a whole lot more business if we served alcohol," said Lash.

Lash said the tax revenue from alcohol sales could also help the county's financial situation with its largest employer, International Paper, closing next year.

"This will not be a solution. This won't fix Lawrence County's financial problem but it will help," said Lash. "We are trying to get this done so we can designate 50 percent of the revenue off alcohol sales to the schools and the other 50 percent to the general fund."

Almost 3,600 signatures out of 14,000 registered voters are needed before the probate judge's office will put the wet/dry issues on a ballot. Lash is hoping for at least 7,000 signatures before having them verified.

For more information, contact Wayne Lash at 256-685-2310.

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