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Public Safety Departments Operating with no Heat

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ATHENS, AL (WZDX) - Police officers in Athens are working in chilly conditions. The heating system at the Athens Police Department has been down for the past two weeks.

It's now up-and-running for most offices on the first floor, but employees on the second floor are still bundling up and using space heaters.

"It's very hard when you come in and it's 50-something degrees in your office and it takes three or four hours to actually get it in the 60's. It's very uncomfortable," said Captain Anthony Pressnell. 

Crews are working to find the cause of the problem. It's not clear how soon it will be fixed.

Another public safety department is dealing with chilly conditions. One of the heater units at Fire Station No. One in Madison has gone out leaving the common area and the kitchen without heat.

Fire Chief Ralph Cobb says the system is old and will likely need to be completely replaced. It's a task that will likely take some time to repair.

"We have talked to an engineer and an engineer has been out to look at the problem. Probably we are going to be without heat in this part of the building for two or three months," said Cobb.

Cobb says he has considered moving the common area downstairs, but for the most part, the guys want to remain where they are. All sleeping areas, classrooms and offices are heated.


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