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Investigation Launched Into Three Family Deaths

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WOODVILLE, AL (WZDX) - Three mysterious deaths in less than 24 hours at the same home have residents in the town of Woodville wondering what happened.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department confirms that on November 9th and 10th a mother and her two sons all died within about 12 hours of each other but no one quite knows why.

Tim Gifford had his own wedding to get to on Saturday, November 9th. He had some items in his truck to give his friend Ricky, but decided he would wait and give them to him at the wedding.

"He told the store owner that he was coming back home to get ready to come to the wedding. And like I said, when he wasn't there. I had so many people there I didn't really notice," said Gifford, a friend of Ricky.

Gifford was next door to Ricky's house later that afternoon when he saw an emergency vehicle in the driveway.

"I thought it was either his mom or his father because they are both are in bad health, so I walked over and the front door was open. I walked in to see if I could be of any assistance. I got in there and it was Ricky. It was just a shock," said Gifford.

Over the next 12 hours Ricky, his 78-year-old mother Georgia Moody and his brother, 58-year-old Jerry Moody all died. In all three cases, there was no obvious cause of death. And, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, no evidence of foul play.

"Its been talked about a lot, you know, this is Woodville and there are a lot of rumors," said Gifford.

Investigators say in total, four people lived in the home on Short Drive. Because Ricky's father Ernest Moody showed no unusual health problems, they don't believe the other three family members died from anything airborne inside the home. And because of the unusual circumstances regarding the deaths, they have opened an investigation.

"You know, you have people pass away but not at one household. It makes you wonder what is going on," said Gifford.

Preliminary autopsies from the Jackson County coroner found no cause of death, but are looking into it further.

A toxicology report is also pending. It could take up to six months for the results to come back. Officers say those results could heavily impact their investigation.



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