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Testimony in Mass Murder Trial Focuses on DNA

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FAYETTVILLE, TN (WZDX) - The prosecution continues to make their case against accused murderer Zakkawanda Moss.

Moss is charged with six counts of capital murder for the deaths of Chabreya Campbell, Amber McCaulley, Jessica Brown, Rashad 'Rico' Ragland, Campbell's unborn baby girl, and Warren Crutcher. The bodies were found October 22 and October 23 of 2012.

On Wednesday morning, Dr. Emily Ward took the stand. Ward is the former Medical Examiner of Madison County and gave a detailed account of her findings during the autopsy of victim Warren Crutcher. Ward says that when Crutcher was brought in rigor mortis had already set in but was "very easy to break."

According to the doctor, there were fly larvae in his head and the skin around his neck had begun to slough off. There were three bullet holes in Crutcher's head and gunpowder "soot" was present leading her to believe the shooting took place at close range.

"The gun was very close if not in contact with the skin when the trigger was pulled," she said. The doctor also gave testimony that seemed to confirm the State's claim that Crutcher was not killed in Alabama, but his body was only put at the location off BH Reeves Road after he was murdered in Tennessee. She said his body showed numerous abrasions that one might expect to find on a person that had been dragged.

Next to the stand was Forensic Scientist Dr. Laura Boos. Boos works for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in the Forensic Biology Unit. Boos processes bodily fluids in an effort to find and match DNA and testified that she received DNA samples from all victims, the defendant Zakkawanda Moss, and Henry Burrell who is also charged with the murders.

Boos says she tested more than 100 items associated with this case. Several items found at the house on Huntsville Highway, including a Corona bottle and a white hoodie, had blood on them belonging to Warren Crutcher and Amber McCaulley and a blood smear on the floor of the garage also matched Amber McCaulley's DNA.

A Bud Light bottle found in a garbage can behind the house had DNA that matched the defendant Zakkawanda Moss, although it was only a partial profile. Very small amounts of blood were found on the defendant's shoes but could not be positively linked to any of the victims.


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