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Wild Hogs Causing a Big Stink in Fort Payne

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FORT PAYNE, AL (WZDX) - As many as 300 wild hogs are roaming through parts of Fort Payne and they're causing all kinds of problems.

"It's pretty scary. Pretty scary," said Fort Payne resident Christie Shrader.

Shrader is concerned about a herd of wild hogs roaming around her neighborhood. Officials say as many as 300 have been spotted in different parts of the city in the past month.

"To know that they are this close to us, our kids and property and stuff. Our animals, dogs, cats and whatever," said Shrader.

The city is taking measures to get the problem under control. Workers have put out nine traps so far. As of Wednesday afternoon, 19 of the hogs were caught.

After the hogs are captured, they're put down. But officials warn residents to leave the capturing to professionals.

"Leave them alone because these things are territorial and they will attack you. They will run from you, but if you get too close to them, they will turn on you," said Mayor Larry Chesser.

The hogs rarely come out during the day. They hide in wooded areas, then come out at night to look for food.

Mayor Chesser says the hogs are digging up yards in residential areas looking for roots and nuts or whatever they can find to eat. In addition, the grass at the city police gun range has been destroyed.

"Right now the biggest problem is damage to property. One lady I know of, they got into her yard and totally demolished her yard," said Chesser.

Shrader just wants the wild animals to stay away from her kids including her newborn baby.

"I have a 7 and half year old and if she's playing in the backyard or front yard and one of those things shows up or a herd of them, I wouldn't know what to do," said Shrader.




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