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Mock Train Accident Provides Real Awareness

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WZDX) - Madison County has had three deaths this year from train-related accidents. Because of these fatalities, officials staged a mock trespass event on Tuesday to raise awareness about the dangers of being too close to the tracks.

The mock scenario involves two young boys walking along the railroad tracks near Clinton Avenue in Huntsville unaware that a train is approaching them from behind.

The kids are wearing headphones and listening to music. The train then hits both victims. Emergency responders rush to the scene to provide medical care, but one of the boys is killed as a result of walking close to the tracks.

Authorities say its important to do this event to show the public the danger.

"The number one basic tip is stay off the tracks. Stay away from the tracks. First off, it's trespassing, so it's illegal, but it's deadly. Right now we're rated number six in the country for vehicle-train collisions. But so far this year, more people have died trespassing than in a vehicle-train collision and that statistic carries through all over the country," said Nancy Hanson, Executive Director of Alabama Operation Lifesaver.

A total of 11 people died this year in Alabama as a result of being struck by trains.


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