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Investigators Testify in Moss Murder Trial

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FAYETTVILLE, TN (WZDX) – Day five of the murder trial against Zakkawanda Moss is underway and investigators from Madison County Alabama were on the stand all Monday morning.

Investigator Brent Patterson testified that he responded to the Huntsville Highway crime scene along with several others from the Sheriff's Department and found "chaos." He says he worked the scene throughout the day and finally went home late that night.

Patterson says he was made aware of the body found in Madison County the next morning and responded to that crime scene as well.

The State alleges that Warren Crutcher was killed in Tennessee and his body was dumped at the location where he was ultimately found off BH Reeves Road and Patterson's testimony seems to back up that claim. He says there was very little blood around the body, which was found in a semi-wooded area almost 50 feet off the road.

"With my history, there would have been an enormous amount of blood," said Patterson.

Patterson is also the person who interviewed Moss for three hours.

"My interpretation is that he was contacting me to let me know what the truth was,"said Patterson of his interview.

Previous Testimony:

Last week the jury heard from a witness whose testimony centered on video surveillance recorded at the Wal-Mart the night of the murders. The video shows a man entering the store and attempting to use a card at an ATM, and then leaving the store.

During opening statements DA Carter alleged that the man on the video is the defendant and that he is attempting to use a card belonging to one of the victims. Another witness who works at a Wavaho gas station in Huntsville testified about video surveillance footage of a similar nature.

Lincoln County Investigator Douglas Boeringer took the stand Thursday. He responded to the home on Foxwood Drive where the body of Jessica Brown was found and testified about what he saw at the crime scene.

Boeringer says he identified a body in the hallway bathroom and was made aware that there was an infant behind a door, in another bathroom located off the master bedroom. The day after the bodies were found Boeringer says he interviewed a person associated with the case that provided him with car seat covers and floor mats with blood on them as well as clothing allegedly belonging to another defendant in the case, Henry Burrell. This witness also claims to have driven the two accused men, Moss and Burrell, back from Huntsville to Tennessee the night of the murders. The witness confirmed, according to Boeringer, that they did stop at Wal-Mart and a Wavaho gas station on the way out of Alabama.

 The Murders:

Moss is accused of murdering 6 people in Lincoln County the night of October 21, 2012. During opening statements Lincoln County District Attorney Robert Carter told the jury he believed the victims were tortured and eventually murdered by the defendant as he was attempting to rob Warren Crutcher, one of the people killed. 

Wednesday morning the 16 person jury heard from a man who says he was heavily involved in a drug business with Warren Crutcher. He says he and Crutcher, along with a third man Henry Burrell, sold marijuana, cocaine, crack, and pill out of the homes that were ultimately the scenes of the murders.

 Amber McCaulley, Chabreya Campbell and 16 month old Rico Ragland were found dead in a home on Highway 231 near the Tennessee-Alabama state line on Sunday October 22, 2012. According to the State, Crutcher and McCaulley picked up the defendant and drove him to the home the night before the bodies were found. The State alleges that Moss knew the home was a "stash house" and intended to rob Crutcher of its contents. It was at this time that McCaulley was shot once in the head and placed in a utility closet inside the home's garage. 

On Wednesday witnesses for the State also testified that Burrell intended to rob Crutcher who was also known as "Teenager."

The DA says Moss then entered the home, with Crutcher, and proceeded to torture Campbell in an attempt to get information about the location of drugs and money he believed to be inside the home. Campbell was bound, strangled, and placed in a bathtub. Campbell's son , Rico Ragland, died of blunt force trauma. District Attorney Carter says the baby simply "in the way."

The State claims that Moss then traveled the short distance to the home of Jessica Brown, where according to witness testimony Crutcher was currently living, and tortured and strangled her. Brown's body was also found in her bathtub. Brown's 7 week-old baby was found alive, lying on a towel, behind the door of another bathroom.

Finally, the DA says, Crutcher was shot three times in the back of the head and dumped in a field in Madison County, near the Alabama/Tennessee state line.

The man who testified on Wednesday says that Jessica Brown and Warren Crutcher were a couple as far as he knew and that Crutcher was living in the home on Foxwood Drive where Brown's body was found. The witness also testified that he knew guns and drugs were kept in the house at different times.

The witness also testified that Crutcher had previously dated Chabreya Campbell and was the father to one of her children.

According to the man's testimony he, Crutcher, and Henry Burrell were a "crew" and Crutcher was in charge. He says that he and Crutcher were intending to leave the State and eventually start a legitimate business before the murders took place.

Judge Forest Durard has ruled that the jury, comprised of 11 women and 5 men, will be sequestered for the duration of the trial. Henry Burrell will be tried separately. That trial is expected to take place in February, 2014.

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