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Man Loses Battle, Forced To Dig Up Wife's Remains

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STEVENSON, AL. (WZDX) - After a four-and-a-half year fight, a Jackson County man lost his battle to keep his wife buried in the couples front yard.

On Friday morning, James Davis was forced to remove his wife's remains.

"Worst thing I've ever done in my life. Worst thing ever," Davis said. 

His wife's remains have been buried in his front yard since 2009.

"I'm angry. Very angry. The law has let me down. I am a citizen of the United States and a citizen of Stevenson, but I wasn't treated like a citizen," said Davis.

Family members broke down in tears while crews removed Patsy Davis' vault that contained her coffin.

It was her dying wish to be buried on the couples' property. The city sued Davis and he eventually lost his ongoing legal battle to keep his wife's remains buried there.

Jackson County Judge Jennifer Holt approved a plan this week to remove Patsy's body.

According to Davis, after his wife is cremated, he will bring her ashes back to his house in Stevenson. He says where he puts her ashes is up to him and no one else.

"I'm gonna put her urn back at my house and up to this point, I will probably keep her in the house. But if I decide to put her back in the yard, I will put her in the yard. If I want to put her on the side of a mountain, that's where I will put her. There is no law against that. I can do whatever I want to," said Davis.

Davis said despite his grief and agony, he wants the world to know what a wonderful woman his wife was.

"My wife loved everybody. She found good in everybody. People need to prove themselves to me whether they are good or bad, but not her. She always found the good in people. Everyone that met my wife loved her," said Davis.


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