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Scammers Target Huntsville Utilities Customers

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WZDX) -- Huntsville Utilities is warning of a scam targeting its customers.

The company says a scammer is calling Huntsville Utilities customers from the phone number 251-744-3669 and attempting to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

The caller claims to be an employee of Huntsville Utilities and threatens customers with disconnection of service if the victim does not immediately pay over the phone or via pre-paid debit card.

A similar scam from the same number has been reported among other utilities, including Alabama Power.

Huntsville Utilities advises customers to always ask for specific information from anyone claiming to represent the company, such as their name and company contact information.

Customers are encouraged to contact Huntsville Utilities to verify account status and to report any suspicious contact by individuals claiming to represent Huntsville Utilities.

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