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Day 4 Testimony in Moss Trial Focuses on Evidence

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FAYETTEVILLE, TN. (WZDX) -- The trial for the man accused of murdering six people continued Friday.

Zakkawanda Moss is facing six counts of murder for the 2012 deaths in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Day four's testimony was all about evidence. Investigators from the Madison County Sheriff's Department testified about guns that were found. The sister of another man also charged in the killings, also took the stand.

In testimony, it was revealed that a business owner in Huntsville called an investigator saying he found a pistol magazine on the Flint River bridge. It wasn't until then that investigators started piecing things together.

"Due to the fact that we were looking for a person of interest helping Lincoln County, it wasn't until later on that day when we started putting everything together and me and investigator Monroe suited up and got in the river looking for a handgun," said Investigator Forrest Edde.

And just a few weeks later, another search of the river came up with another big piece of evidence.

"There was another handgun found in the river," Edde testified.

Lillie Burrell, the sister of another suspect charged in the case, Henry, also took the stand Friday. She testified that Henry and Moss, also known as "Face" came over to her apartment the afternoon the murders occurred.

"When the news came on about Warren Crutcher and the murders of the Huntsville highway house and elsewhere in Lincoln County, is that when Henry was acting nervous and biting his lip?" asked Henry's sister Lillie.

The trial will continue next week. The defense is expected to present its case.

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