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Battle Over for Stevenson Man

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There's a conclusion tonight to a four and half year battle for a Stevenson man who buried his wife in his yard against the city's wishes. 

James Davis, fulfilled his wife's dying wish by burying her in his yard, and in the years since, he fought the city to keep her there. In a Jackson County courtroom on Wednesday, with no other options left, Davis consented to have her exhumed on Friday.

Davis told FOX54 reporter Kalie Lanford, "You know, I don't understand what all is happening, but I am glad it is over with and I got to tell the people something out there, if you are going to get in trouble with the law, don't let it be in Scottsboro because they are a little unconventional around here."

But Davis, still determined to honor his wife's wish, says she will be kept at his home. "They wanted me to move her to a different, to a cemetery somewhere or another, but I promised Momma she could be there at the house, and I have been forced to have her cremated to keep her at the house." Davis said if he could go back to 2009 when his beloved wife Patsy passed away, he wouldn't change a thing, spending every dime, fighting every court battle "...exactly the same thing, 'cause you see I believed in the law, little lady. I still believe in the law, little lady, I believed I was right. I still believe I am right."

But the city of Stevenson won a lawsuit claiming that the grave made the land an illegal cemetery. Wednesday's court hearing was to determine the date and means of removing the grave. It was decided that Davis will hire a contractor to remove it Friday.

He says his wife will be taken to Guntersville to be cremated and then returned to his home. He told us, "We built that home there. Momma sat out in the yard in a rocking chair and watched me and the kids build that home. That's where we raised our family and it's a landmark to us."

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