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Humane Society Study in Marshall County

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The Humane Society is studying ways to protect animals in Marshall County. It wants to put an end to so many animals being put down.

Officials are now reaching out to every city in the county to reduce the number of unwanted animals. Humane Society officials want to reduce the number of animals being euthanized by 75% across the county and educate the public on proper treatment of animals an spaying and neutering. John Gartrell of the Marshall County Humane Society says, "Our desire is to have the cities and the county to sit down at the table and look at the situation, look at the problem, and acknowledge that something needs to be done."

Down the road, Gartrell hopes to establish a large county animal shelter where pets from around the county can receive care and be adopted into good homes. The Humane Society says that as many as 2,000 animals are euthanized in Marshall County every year.

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