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Debate Over Urban Chickens Heats Up

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Debate continues over backyard chickens in Huntsville. Debate continues over backyard chickens in Huntsville.

The debate over urban chickens heats up again.

This time voices for and against backyard hens took advantage of the opportunity to have their opinions heard by one of the people who will cast one of the deciding votes.

City Councilmen Bill Kling hosted a town hall meeting this evening to discuss a proposed urban agriculture ordinance that would, in part, allow up to three backyard chickens per dwelling in Huntsville.

Jackie Reed, who is against urban chickens, says, "They bring in mites, which scatter all over everybody's neighborhood. We are going to have rats, chicken snakes, hawks are going to be flying all over the chicken coups. The city limits of Huntsville is no place for chickens."

Sam Caraway of the Huntsville Hen Alliance tells us, "We have gotten almost 700 signatures now in favor of easing the setbacks rule. Three chickens in a clean dry coup is not going to be an issue, you know. You are not going to smell it, you're not going to see it or hear it in most instances."

In order to go into effect, the ordinance would have to be approved by the Planning Commission, then City Council,


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