Fire Prevention Week - Kitchen Fires

[image] Kitchen fires are the focus of NationalFire Prevention Week.

From food to flames in seconds. It's the leading cause of home fires and the focus of this year's Fire Prevention Week.

Two out of every five home fires are cooking fires. They are also the leading cause of fire related injuries in the home.

This week, firefighters across the nation are working together to educate as many as possible.

They want you know what to do to prevent a kitchen fire, and more importantly, how to put one out.

Dan Wilkerson, a Fire Prevention Officer, says, "You never want to put water on a grease fire that is a no-no. We always recommend that somebody have an ABC fire extinguisher in their home that would be a good way to extinguish the fire. Also if you cover the pan you could use a big cookie sheet that way you don't have to get close to the fire to cover it up."

If you have a kitchen fire of any kind the Huntsville Fire and Rescue Squad asks that you call them.

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