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Welfare Bill Being Introduced

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Senator Arthur Orr has authored a new welfare bill. Senator Arthur Orr has authored a new welfare bill.

State Senator Arthur Orr recently authored a bill that could add more restrictions for those applying for welfare.

The bill would require welfare applicants to apply for at least three jobs before applying for welfare.

Applicants would also be required to document those efforts to obtain work.

18 other states have similar bills in place.

Senator Orr says before the law was enacted in Pennsylvania, they were denying about 50 percent of welfare applicants.

Now, Pennsylvania denies about 80 percent of applicants.

"It seems to be a reasonable request that if individuals are going to be asking for help from the government that at least they be required at the outset to try to find a job before they go to the government and the taxpayers seeking assistance," says Senator Orr.

Senator Orr says he's looking for co-sponsors of the bill in the next coming weeks.

He says if the bill passes through committee, it could make it to the Senate floor for a vote by January. 

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