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Flyer sent to parents in Huntsville sparks Common Core debate

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. (WZDX) - The Common Core debate once again made its way before the Huntsville City School board Tuesday evening.

This time the debate was not focused on the Common Core standards, but on a flyer about Common Core that the school system sent home to parents.

Some of the families that received the flyer are calling it politically motivated.

"It is set out to make the opposing argument seem ridiculous. This flyer is designed to make the reader think if you're opposed to common core you believe in myths," said parent, Anson Knowles.

The flyer, drafted by the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce, addresses the controversial Common Core standards, a U.S. Education initiative seeking to align learning nationwide. Forty-five states including Alabama have adopted Common Core.

"I don't have strong feelings either way on Common Core. My concern is strictly the purity of the classroom and the integrity of the messages being sent from our tax supported public education system," Knowles said

The flyer sent home with students is titled "Save Our Standards". It takes some of the opposition's concerns about common core, like the thought that "Common Core is a set of mandatory one-size-fits-all national standards, tests, and curriculum for K-12 that will be controlled from Washington, D.C.", and labels them "Myths".

"I want them to recognize the political nature of what they have been doing with this flyer and make amends for it by changing their policy handbook to address the issue," Knowles said.

Common Core was not a discussion point on the school board agenda Tuesday, but it became a focus at the conclusion of the meeting when a few members of the public approached the board with differing opinions on the flyer.

Huntsville City School's Superintendent Casey Wardynski responded by defending the handout.

"Its educational. Our parents have a right to know what is going on with the curriculum, what is the basis for the curriculum, what are the elements of the curriculum. That's education. If we cant talk about schools in the schools then I don't know who could," Wardynski said.

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