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State representative hosts town hall meeting to address failing schools

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State Representative Laura Hall State Representative Laura Hall

HUNTSVILLE Ala (WZDX) - A call to action was issued to Huntsville residents to help the system's failing schools. State Representative Laura Hall says the time for action is long overdue.

"We have a responsibility for improving the education of all of our children and making sure that our schools, all of our schools, are schools of excellence," Hall said.

At a town hall meeting Tuesday, Hall told parents that Huntsville has nine schools that classify as "failing". She said it will take a partnership between the schools and community to help change that.

"Individually, sometimes it is just a matter of checking on a child, you know, forming a relationship with a child and helping that child to understand that I am concerned about your well being," Hall said.

Schools that classify as "failing" are schools that are eligible for a school improvement grant or that have been in the bottom six percent of state standardized tests three or more times during the last six years.

"It's everybody's responsibility, everybody needs to kick in, we can't just keep raising kids who have no future, and kids who are not educated have no future," said community member Eddie Turner.

Parents attending Tuesday's meeting said they are ready to do their part.

"I want to be involved and I want to know how they come up with the criteria for the schools that are failing, and what can we do to identify the problems. There have to be some programs in place to identify the problems and address them," parent Alex Dryer said.

With suggestions such as tutoring and mentoring students or volunteering with school programs, Hall says everyone can get involved.

"Every child, it doesn't matter where they live, what their conditions are when they enter that building. They deserve to have the best education possible and I think as a community we will help with that," Hall said.

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