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Huntsville residents start chicken petition

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HUNTSVILLE Ala (WZDX) - A group of Huntsville homeowners are preparing to petition the city. The thing they want, chickens.

"Please please please let us have our chickens," Gwynne Platz said.

Current city law allows chickens but only if they are kept more than 150 feet away from another residence.

"My backyard is a pretty big back yard, and I couldn't do it," Platz said.

What she wants are called backyard chickens, and it is a growing trend nationwide.

"New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, much larger cities with much smaller areas and denser populations, are allowing chickens and we don't," Platz said.

People want the pet chickens mainly for the health benefits that come from their free range eggs, a quality desired by those living an organic lifestyle.

"They are raising their own eggs, so they know what is going into their eggs because they know what they are feeding their animal. A lot of people have picked up on an organic feed, so they know there are no chemicals or anything being produced into their egg," said Kelsey Rodgers with C.T. Garvin Feed and Seed.

Huntsville's hen ordinance, drafted in the 1970's keeps most residents from being able to have backyard chickens. The Huntsville Hen Alliance is a group that wants to change that. Their petition asking city leaders to update the law is gaining more support every day.

"There is a much larger group of people in town than we originally thought there was, and it is going like wildfire, and you get the amount of facts and myths that have been busted, and you realize that it is not a really big deal," Platz said.

To find out more about the backyard chicken movement visit the Huntsville Hen Alliance on Facebook.

A copy of the petition can be found at C.T. Garvin Feed and Seed

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