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Furloughs kick in at Redstone Arsenal

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WZDX)- With furloughs kicking in this week people who work on Redstone Arsenal are preparing for some big changes. Some base offices will be closed one day a week while others will be staggering their employees' furlough days.

"One day a week an employee is gone but their office is still open just minimally staffed on those days," explained base Public Affairs Specialist Terri Stover.

According to the Garrison Services website, base services that will be affected are the Army Community Service, ID badging section, Equal Employment Opportunity office, Army Substance Abuse Program, Defense Finance and Accounting, the education center, training support center, and several Soldier and human resources offices. The Casualty Assistance Office and Victim Advocacy will be closed but employees will be on call on Fridays.

"Morale welfare and recreation--MWR-- they will not be affected," said Stover. "So childcare on post will still be open and the recreation activities."

"So while you may be furloughed you and your family can come back to the Redstone Arsenal and enjoy some activities and maybe take your mind off of the stress that the furlough might be causing," Stover continued.

Some of the biggest changes will affect gate times. Gates 7 at Martin Road and Gate 3 at Redstone Road will be closed on Fridays. Gate 1 at martin Road and Gate 9 at Rideout Road will have reduced capacity on Fridays. Gate 8 at Goss Road will open at 9:45am on Fridays and Gate 10 at Patton Road will close at 9:30 on Fridays. Gate 10 will also have reduced capacity every day of the week.

According to the Garrison's website, Marshall Space Flight Center, FBI's Hazardous Devices School and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' National Center for Explosives Training and Research will not be affected by these furloughs. And as far as the services that are not being affected immediately, their futures are far from certain according to Stover.

"The food establishments will still be open but eventually…will they be affected because not as many people will be coming on a certain day we don't know yet," she said, "nobody is happy about it but we are seeing that it is necessary because the pentagon has said we must do this…to help save money."

The furloughs will continue for 11 weeks.

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