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Florida Teen spends week at Space Camp after making National news

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WZDX) - Her story was heard around the world when her science experiment blew up at her Florida High School.

"I made the mistake of bringing my experiment outside of the classroom. However, that is the only mistake I feel that I have made," Kiera Wilmot tells WFTS in Tampa back in April.

"She was arrested, handcuffed, taken away in a police car, she was expelled from school or suspended and recommended for expulsion from school," says Marie Wilmot, Kiera's mom.

The charges have since been dropped and Kiera is allowed to spend her senior year at school. This week, Kiera and her twin sister, Kayla are enjoying Space Camp at the Space and Rocket Center. Thanks to one man who saw Keira's story and felt compelled to help.

"I'm not a lawyer but what can I do for this young lady? And I immediately thought of space camp," says Homer Hickam.

The girls are now taking their science skills to a whole new level.

"We have learned about rockets, rocket making, shuttle making, the engines, what happens during the off-- t minus, t plus," say Kayla and Kiera Wilmot.

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