Witness: Man Killed Dog in Decatur

[image] Decatur Police were called to the corner of 18th and Sherman.

DECATUR Ala (WZDX) - A small dog is dead after police say they got a call that a man put the dog in a bag and slammed it against the ground.

Decatur Police were called out to the intersection of Sherman St. and 18th Ave. at 2:15 p.m. Monday.

Officers say witnesses reported seeing a man pull up in a black vehicle, get out holding a white plastic bag, then slam it against the ground. They told police they noticed something inside the bag moving. When they checked they found a small Chihuahua. The dog died shortly after.

Workers at a nearby business were disturbed by the site.

"We walked out here and then we noticed that it was a dog. They stayed there and looked at it for thirty minutes, then I noticed animal control came out and finally got it and put it in the truck. It was just a little bitty dog," Ronnie Liverett said.

The dog was taken by Animal Control and police are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call 256-341-4660

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