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Top 9@9 for May 30, 2013

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1. An emotional look into the life of a child lost in a deadly crash. Jaden Coppens died when the car she was in was hit during a series of wrecks in South Huntsville.

2. The Morgan County Sheriff's Department is investigating the death of a woman found in a front yard. Her body was found decomposed in a truck in front of a mobile home in Falkville.

3. There are new reports of coyotes attacking small pets in Decatur. More than 50 attacks were reported in 2011 before 16 coyotes were trapped. 5 more attacks were recently reported.

4. A researcher from MIT is weighing in on why fares at Huntsville International are some of the most expensive in the country. He says most travel is business related and it will take time for that to change.

5. Alabama ranks among the top disaster prone states in the nation. Kiplinger worked with property claim services to list the state 7th most at risk for disaster. Tennessee came in 8th.

6. There were new tornado warnings for storm ravaged parts of Oklahoma Thursday. Severe weather hovered over parts of West and Central Oklahoma.

7. McDonald's CEO Don Thompson says he dropped 20 pounds in the past year while eating at the restaurant every day. He says he did it by getting his "butt up and working out again".

8. Researchers in California say they are 6-12 months away from manufacturing a product that works like human skin. The fabric would attract sweat, rolling it away from your skin.

9. A robot in Tennessee is busting moves as part of a program to teach students about robotics. The machine is programmed with facial recognition, and hip dance moves.

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