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Victim's Family Reacts to Memon's Apology

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. (WZDX) - "His apology, to me, it was heartfelt. I have no other choice but to accept it and just realize that this is another life that's wasted also," Todd Brown's aunt Tangela Eaptiste said.

Moments before Hammad Memon was sentenced to thirty years for shooting Discovery Middle School student Todd Brown, 14, in February 2010, he offered an apology before the judge for his actions.

"Even though he didn't look at us, he didn't look at the family. I think he might have been afraid or embarrassed or whatever, as for the reason he didn't look at the family, but the point that he did apologize, that helped me a lot. I accepted that," Browns Aunt, Melinda Allen said.

Brown's family had not seen Memon since 2010, when he was fourteen. Today a much older looking 17-year- old Memon entered the courtroom.

"It's been a long time and with prayer it has kind of eased your anger kind of to go away. Seeing him today brought back a lot of memories. He is looking like a man now. When it first happened he looked like a child. It made it a little easier, you know, to hear the verdict and to say well done," Brown's Grandmother, Lucille Hurst said.

Memon was sentenced to 30 years in prison and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine, some of which will go to Todd Browns family.

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