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Top 9@9 for May 23, 2013

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1. Two men were indicted for a string of murders from Lincoln County, TN to Madison County last October. Zakkawanda Moss and Henry Burrell have each been indicted on six counts of murder.

2. More than 20 people were arrested in North Alabama. It was the result of a two year operation. Officers say the CARR organization was a major hub for trafficking cocaine in North Alabama.

3. A train wreck forced the town of Bear Creek to evacuate of concerns of hazardous materials. The train derailed near Phillips High School in Marion County, but the cars were empty.

4. Two businesses were destroyed and another damaged in a fire at a Moulton shopping mall on Highway 157 this morning.

5. It was a busy night for Huntsville's city council. A lot of items were on the agenda from East Clinton to the entertainment district.

6. State health officials say it was not one of the fatal viruses popping up overseas that killed two people and hospitalized seven more in South Alabama. We're told it was just an unfortunate combination of viruses.

7. U.S. workers are saving more for retirement. Fidelity Investments say the average 401-K balance hit a record high of $80,000 in the first quarter.

8. You are virtually guaranteed to see double at one Illinois school. There are 24 sets of twins in the fifth grade alone.

9. A California woman got to name the new tiger cub at the San Francisco Zoo after winning the bid at a charity event. She paid $47,000 to name the cub Jillian, after herself.

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