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Top 9@9 for May 21, 2013

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1. Two men are dead after a stabbing at a church building in West Huntsville Tuesday. One victim died at the scene. The other was transported to Huntsville Hospital where he died.

2. The national weather service classified the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on Monday a rare EF-5. That means wind speeds reached at least 200 miles per hour. The path of the storm stretched 17 miles and was more than a mile wide in some spots.

3. 30 Red Cross volunteers from North Alabama are on standby to help the recovery efforts. The organization is mobilizing its volunteers in states closer to the disaster before calling on those here.

4. An Athens woman who survived the EF-5 tornado that hit Limestone County is organizing an effort to help victims in Oklahoma. She is collecting gift cards to send to a shelter in Norman.

5. Alabama's Chief Justice expects to lay off 150 employees after the state's new fiscal year starts October 1st. He says the money the legislature appropriated for the court system is $8.5 million short of what's needed to maintain the current staff.

6. Hundreds of first responders across the Tennessee Valley are preparing for the next disaster. Police, fire, and emergency management personnel worked together Tuesday for two days on building collapse and active shooter drills.

7. Microsoft announced its newest gaming console Tuesday. Microsoft plans to incorporate Skype technology, television integration and new ways of controlling the system with your voice and body in the Xbox One.

8. The FDA is out with new sunscreen guidelines just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Labels must now indicate how often you should re-apply and stop claiming that SPF beyond 50 provides better protection because it does not.

9. The biggest python ever captured in Florida measures in at 18 feet, 8 inches long. Pythons are an invasive species in the Florida Everglades.

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