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Top 9@9 for May 20, 2013

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1. Huntsville schools can move forward with plans to spend nearly $200 million on renovations and new schools after a ruling from a federal judge. The judge's approval was necessary because of a desegregation order from 1970.

2. Monday was a busy last meeting day for the Alabama Legislature. Dozens of bills were on the agenda.

3. The Alabama house rejected Governor Bentley's proposal to delay private school tax credits for two years. Bentley wanted the delay to allow the state to repay money borrowed from a trust fund.

4. Alabama community colleges are expanding their course offerings that prepare students to start and run their own businesses. Classes will be added in entrepreneurship and support programs.

5. A dog found in Lauderdale County is sparking questions on the ethics of branding. Animal control officers are trying to find the owner.

6. Yahoo is buying photo blogging site TUMBLR for $1.15 billion. It's part of the company's effort to shed its image as a tired 1990's grandpa of new media websites.

7. There is a media circus in Zephyrhills, Florida. Everyone wants to know who won the Powerball lottery, worth nearly 600 million dollars.

8. A lifeguard took on a sneaky shark on a Florida Beach.  Zach Cooney dragged the shark, with his own hands out to deeper water away from the crowds.

9. A mile-wide tornado ripped through Oklahoma City Monday, leaving piles of debris where homes used to be. The suburb of Moore took the brunt of the storm.

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