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Top 9@9 for May 1, 2013

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1. A UAH hockey player, accused of rape, is now out of the country. The victim learned the suspect fled to his native Finland when she showed up for a preliminary hearing in court.

2. Accused killer Stephen Stone was denied bond. He's accused of killing his wife and son at their home on Chicamauga Trail.

3. Plans to create a new precinct and library where Grissom High School currently stands were presented today. First, Huntsville schools must approve moving the campus to a new location.

4. 129 men and women from the 152nd Military police company returning to Hartselle to a hero's welcome. The National Guard unit spent almost a year in Southwest Asia.

5. Lockheed Martin celebrated 50 years in the Rocket City Wednesday. The company moved to Huntsville in 1963 at the persuasion of Werner Von Braun.

6. Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of the barcode. The first item ever scanned was Wrigley's chewing gum.

7. Police took away part of one of the hijacked 9/11 planes. It was found in a very small alley last week over a decade after the terrorist attacks.

8. The federal government lowering the age limit to buy morning after pills. Buyers must prove they are 15 or older at the cash register to purchase the pill over the counter.

9. Bibles and Atheist pamphlets are both now available at a Florida High School after a fight over equal rights was ignited when bibles were handed out to students.

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