Rollin' with the Dixie Derby Girls


The reasons for playing are as unique as the sport: Roller Derby. The Dixie Derby Girls are a roller derby team based out of Huntsville. And if you think for a second that this isn't a sport, you'll just as quickly find yourself on the ground.

"For a few years, I've been trying to find exercise that I actually enjoy," says Dixie Derby Girl Red Banshee.

It's a little more casual for Cake Face Killa though (every roller girl is given a unique roller name), "Actually, I went to a party and there was a girl there and she asked me to just show up and I immediately fell in love."

It's a full contact sports in all senses of the phrase-Bruises, jammed fingers, the sport has it all. But the best part? No prior experience needed.

"I think I had skates on maybe four times in my life before I tried this. So when I started, I came in and I really thought you just skated around in circles, got to put some fishnets on and knock people down," says Banshee. "So when I came and they started talking about strategy, I had absolutely no clue, and I couldn't skate."

After six years in the sport, Cake Face Killa has made it a way of life. "Derby is a lifestyle. It's not just showing up to practice. It's living and breathing derby. And looking at videos and studying about it."

So the real question: Is it for everyone?

"It's a sport where you can hit people. You're surrounded by powerful women and it's just a lot of fun."

"I mean, I think anybody if they actually want to give it a try, there's nothing to lose"

Just be prepared to hit the ground quite a bit when you first start out.

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