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Top 9@9 for April 23, 2013

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1. Former State Senator Lowell Barron was arrested Tuesday morning for ethics and campaign practice violations. He turned himself in on an indictment by a DeKalb County Grand Jury.

2. The old oaks at Toomer's Corner came down Tuesday, bringing an end to an era and a drastic change to the landscape at Auburn. Tens of thousands of fans rolled the tree for a final time Saturday after Auburn's spring football game.

3. Meanwhile, soldiers in Kuwait honored the outgoing oaks by holding a rolling of their own. 25 members of the Alabama Army National Guard rolled a T-55 tank, then cleaned up the mess and went back to work.

4. A proposal to freeze Tennessee's beer tax has been signed by the governor. The state's beer taxes outstrip any other because the bulk of the levy is based on price rather than volume.

5. A tornado-ravaged town struck twice during the April 27th outbreak began demolition of its downtown this week. Cordova's Mayor says the process should take 60 days.

6. Former Butler basketball star Trevor Lacey announced Tuesday he will transfer from Alabama before his junior season. The two time Mr. Basketball in Alabama was a starter for the Tide the past two season.

7. Stocks plummeted after hackers got a hold of the AP's twitter account. The false tweet claimed there had been two explosions at the White House injuring President Obama. Stocks did recover.

8. Mars One announced an open call for anyone interested in flying to Mars. The catch is, it's only a one way flight. The plan would send four astronauts to the red planet to establish a permanent human colony in 2023.

9. A woman found a bag full of money on a golf course. She decided to return the $36,000 when she saw the 76-year-old man's identification.

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