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No Major Budget Cuts for Marshall Space Flight Center

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WZDX) - President Obama's FY2014 proposed budget will not force any program cuts at Marshall Space Flight Center according to Director Patrick Scheuermann.

The President's budget allocates $17.7 billion for NASA, that number is about 3% lower than the 2012 budget. Marshall Space Flight Center will receive $2.18 billion.

Scheuermann says that is enough to continue Marshall programs such as the Space Launch System and Orion as well as a new program to identify, capture, and relocate an asteroid.

"From a human standpoint, the only way to get the humans to the asteroid, no matter where it comes to, will be on the SLS which means great news for Marshall Space Flight Center," says Scheuermann.

Considering the lean financial times the country is facing, he views this budget as a strong one.

"This budget enables Marshall to continue to play a major role in NASA's top priorities, the development of the SLS and Orion, operating the International Space Station to 2020 and beyond, and testing the James Webb Space Telescope," Scheuermann says. "It really gives us the stability that we need in order to be able to execute the mission that we have been entrusted with."

The budget also keeps NASA on track to send humans to an asteroid in 2025 and onto Mars in 2030.

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