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Top 9@9 for April 8, 2013

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1. A decision on the future of the East Clinton school building was delayed at a Monday meeting. The board will have decide who can vote on the issue due to ethical concerns, because the developer does business with some of the board members.

2. Six men and six women were chosen for the jury in the Ronald Weems trial in Colbert County. Weems is accused of strangling and dismembering Amanda Taylor in his Muscle Shoals basement in October of 2011.

3. Weems has a dramatically different look in the courtroom this week compared to his appearance at the time of his arrest.

4. Former Auburn defensive back Mike McNeil was sentenced to serve at least three years in prison after pleading guilty to robbery. McNeil and three teammates were charged and dismissed from the team in March 2011.

5. White nose syndrome has been confirmed in Jackson County. The disease has decimated the bat population across Eastern North America.

6. Airline passenger complaints are growing as carriers try to squeeze more people into planes. Private researchers report a 20% increase last year from 2011.

7. Business was booming in Atlanta as the city hosted the Final Four. The NCAA basketball champion was crowned Monday night as vendor tents, hotels, and restaurants raked in the cash.

8. Wild video from Virginia shows the driver of a tractor trailer being rescued from his truck as it dangled over a bridge.

9. It is "The Year of the Girl" for American Idol. Lazaro is the last dude standing. Five guys have been sent home in the last five weeks.

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