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Madison County Man Proposes Militia

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One Madison County man says a militia is what the state of Alabama needs to protect the Second Amendment. FOX54's Ethan Calloway shows us what he's proposing.

Donald Boxley of Gurley says, "Lots of trust issues is going on with officials and government and stuff, because of gun problems and stuff, so I figured, there's got to be something I can do." And what he is trying to do is have Madison County recognized as a militia by the County Commission.

It's all in an effort to protect the Second Amendment. Boxley tells FOX54, "Anything the military is supposed to be able to carry, the people are supposed to be able to carry." While it may sound extreme, this wouldn't be the first time for this type of distinction. Boxley references a similar situation in Santa Rosa County, Florida, back in 1994. He emphasizes that approval of a proposal like this would not loosen current gun restrictions. He says, "Just because you get a militia card, doesn't mean you've got a right to carry one. You still fall under regular law, but if you are a law-abiding citizen and you are militia and you are mustered, they cannot take it away from you."

That is exactly what Boxley wants to see with this proposed recognition. He says militia members would also be assets to their communities, and that he wouldn't want to see the movement stop with Madison County, and adds, "...I'd like to see it go, every state, every county, nationwide. And, can you imagine the resources and how powerful that would be for these minute men to come out and help in disasters?" Boxley hopes to see the proposal up for a vote at a future commission meeting.

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