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Top 9@9 for April 3, 2013

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1. A train car ran off its track in South Huntsville, closing the intersection of Hobbs Island Road and Cap Adkins Road for hours.

2. The city of Huntsville is teaming up with the Space and Rocket Center and Energy Huntsville to make the Rocket City a leader in energy technology. Mayor Tommy Battle says the partnership will create jobs across the area.

3. Alabama's Governor says he plans to sign legislation mandating stricter abortion clinic standards. The Republican-led House and Senate approved the bill Tuesday night.

4. A West Limestone teacher was suspended for three days for inappropriate behavior. Andy George is accused of allowing students to sit in his lap, massage his neck, and play with his hair. He's also accused of making an inappropriate post on Facebook.

5. Today marks the 39th anniversary of the Super Outbreak tornadoes of 1974. 86 people were killed and over 900 were injured in the storms that passed through North Alabama.

6. A Carnival cruise ship that had been disabled for days in the Gulf of Mexico broke away from its moorings in a Mobile Shipyard. High winds are likely to blame.

7. A new class of sleep medications appear to help people fall asleep without next day grogginess. The Dual Orexin Antagonists, or DORA, target a more specific region of the brain.

8. A Tennessee eight-year-old has missed more than 20 days of school because of the way she smells. She's been suspended several times because, "teachers and students can't focus as a result of her stench."

9. 40 years ago today, the first mobile phone call was made. In 1973, a Motorola employee used a Dyna-tac to call Bell Labs. The $4,000 device weighed two and a half pounds.

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