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Top 9@9 for April 1, 2013

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1. Huntsville police arrested a man who is accused of cutting down American flags from flagpoles around the city.

2. The fatal fire in Florence's Central Heights area last month is being investigated as an arson. Bobby Brewer, his wife Sandy, and their nephew Bradley Adams were killed in the fire.

3. It was back to class in a new school building for Hartselle High School students following spring break. School leaders made the move so the old campus could be prepared for middle schoolers by next school year.

4. A pipe leak flooded a kindergarten and pre-K class at Morris Elementary in Huntsville and displaced students for about an hour.

5. The Decatur City Council voted on a new entertainment district Monday night. The proposed downtown area would allow patrons to carry alcohol out of restaurants.

6. Big Bob Gibson's is in the final four of the Alabama Tourism Department's bracket style competition to crown the state's bar-b-que champ. The winner will be announced April 8th.

7. As the Dow is hitting all time highs, some experts say the stock market is headed for a giant crash. A former budget director says the Federal Reserve is inflating Wall Street by continuing to print money.

8. The most recent Powerball winner is paying it forward to his community. He's promised to cover the housing costs for his neighbors in New Jersey.

9. Google announced a new tool Monday. Google Nose would allow users to search the internet for scents. It smells a little fishy, because it's just an April Fool's prank.

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