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Cullman Car Dealer Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

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Cullman, Ala., (WZDX) - A federal Grand jury has indicted a Cullman car dealer. Carl Nuss owns North Alabama Wholesale Autos, and the indictment claims Nuss refused to lower the interest rate and then repossessed a vehicle of an Alabama National Guardsman while he was deployed overseas.

Timothy Smith lives in Cullman and bought a 2002 Chevy Silverado from North Alabama Wholesale Autos last year.

He agreed to pay a 25% interest rate, but it turns out he was actually having to pay an interest rate over 40%. He filed a lawsuit against the used car dealership after he couldn't keep up with the steep interest rate and his truck was repossessed.

Smith says that repossession happened the day after he finished up his last chemo treatment for a cancer diagnosis.

We spoke with Carl Nuss about the indictment and he says he knows nothing about it. We also spoke with his attorney's office and they had no comment at the time.

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