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"Sticker Voting" to Decide the Future of Historic Buildings

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. - When Huntsville residents walked into a public meeting at the Old Regions Bank building Monday, they were handed a sheet of green stickers.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle encouraged them to use those stickers to vote on what to do with three historic buildings that are in transition. Those buildings are the Annie Merts Center, the Old Regions Bank and East Clinton Elementary School.

"Each one of them got three stickers, that's three votes. And, they go around and they prioritize," Mayor Battle said.

The city presented the most popular ideas for each location and provided cost estimates, allowing the public to walk around room, ask their questions and place stickers on their favorite proposals.

"Mostly what I am interested in seeing in Huntsville is more venues and office spaces for performing arts," Leslie Bofill said.

"I used my stickers for a plan that would preserve the Old East Clinton School building, perhaps as condominiums with houses around the perimeter," Nancy Munson said.

All three buildings are on historic registries. Before any plan is finalized it will have to be approved by a special committee.

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