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Top 9@9 for March 21, 2013

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1. Madison County's emergency management made plans Thursday afternoon for the potential of icy conditions.

2. The Defense Department says it is delaying planned furlough notices to almost 800,000 civilian employees while officials analyze whether the stopgap budget Congress passed Thursday can avert some days of unpaid leave.

3. The man accused of robbing banks across North Alabama was arrested Thursday afternoon in Decatur. Cedrick Lamar Hicks was picked up on 6th avenue outside the People's Bank.

4. University of Alabama President Judy Bonner is recommending a former Alabama football player become the school's new athletic director. Bill Battle was on the 1961 championship team.

5. Voting closed Thursday night for the second round of the Social Media Tourism Symposium competition. Huntsville beat out Indianapolis to advance to the next round for a chance to host the symposium.

6. The Magic Mile was hopping in Tennessee Thursday night for the lotto. The Powerball drawing is $320 million.

7. Youtube is getting more than one billion visitors each month. Google bought the website in 2006 for just over $1.7 million when it had only 500 million users.

8. Check out the blaze outside the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The flaming airbus plane was part of a training exercise for fire fighters.

9. A North Carolina wife is calling out her husband on a billboard. She writes, "catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account - priceless."

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