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Valley Catholics React to New Pope

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - There were celebrations from Rome all the way to Huntsville after Cardinal Jorge Bergoglia was named the new leader of the Catholic Church.

1.2 billion Catholics around the world have been waiting on the news.

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the Archbishop, is now Pope Francis I. That means he is the leader of the Catholic Church. The excitement in Rome could be felt in Huntsville on Wednesday night.

Led by Rev. Joseph P. Lubrano, the congregation at St. Joseph's Catholic Church gathered for a special prayer service Wednesday night.

An Argentina native, Pope Francis I will be the first Pope from the Americas, and Catholics in Huntsville say it's about time. "I think it's time for a Pope to come from another country, another area of the world to represent and to bring different perspectives," says Morris Amato.

Father Glen Sayers from Saint Mary of the Visitation says that although Pope Francis is in Rome, his guidance and leadership can be felt all the way in Huntsville. "Every Pope brings a new insight to the church, a new transition. Pope means Father, just like I am called Father. He is a father figure for us all," says Sayers.

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