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Top 9@9 for March 12, 2013

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1. A large event was held at the Space and Rocket Center where stargazers gathered to see the PANSTARRS Comet.

2. NASA claims new tests reveal that there may have been life on Mars. Scientists discussed the latest findings of the Curiosity Rover.  It found the first rock powder ever to be found on the planet.

3. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is performing a major inspection at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens. It's expected to take thousands of hours to complete.

4. DeKalb County is getting some help in the form of nearly a million dollars to repair roads damaged in the April 27th tornados. The state grant will be used for 12 bumpy roads.

5. Seven people were injured when a deck collapsed at an Alabama shore house. It happened during a house party at a home in Gulf Shores.

6. The ban on large sugary drinks was set to go into effect in New York City on Tuesday won't happen, at least for now. It was halted yesterday by a New York Supreme Court justice.

7. The bets are in as the papal conclave begins. Paddy power is taking bets up to $800 thousand for who people think the pope will be. The conclave concluded Tuesday with black smoke coming from its roof, meaning no pope had been selected.

8. A husband and wife in Missouri are enlisting together to serve our country. Thanks to the Army's couples program they will likely spend little time apart, as the army promises to do all it can to station them together.

9. An Ohio Army Sergeant returned home from serving overseas, much to the surprise of his children. The kids were invited to drop the puck at a hockey game and out came Pops.

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